Frequently Asked Questions about the AQUA BOOM®


Q: Are there any new developments in aquatic fitness?

A: Yes! The Aqua Boom is the newest aquatic fitness equipment to become available in 2015. 


Q: What is the Aqua Boom?

A: It is more than aqua fitness equipment or a water aerobics class; it’s a complete gym in the pool! Complete your cardiovascular and strength training workouts all in one place. Rehabilitating an injury? You can use it for that too. 


Q: What is my Aqua Boom made of?

A: It is made of 316 stainless steel for maximum durability. There will soon be an 6061T aluminum model available for maximum portability that is still substantial enough for public pools.


Q: Is my Aqua Boom able to be mounted on an outdoor pool deck?

A: The Aqua Boom has undergone extensive testing in humid aquatic environments. It is fit for both indoor and outdoor pools. There is a cover available to further protect your Aqua Boom from other damage.


Q: How deep does my pool need to be to best use the Aqua Boom?

A: We have found that 4 ft. is sufficient depth for most people to perform the workout, but the aquatic workout is best able to be done in deep pools where there is no concern of hitting bottom. It is also easier to incorporate other exercises, such as deep water running, into your workout in deeper water. 


Q: How do I install custom Aqua Boom receptacles?

A: The Guide to Easy Installation is available on our website, www.theaquaboom.com/resources, which details the process. The Quick Guide is also included with your installation kit.


Q: Does the Aqua Boom fit in other existing receptacles?

A: While it was originally intended to do so, we cannot guarantee that it will fit securely in existing receptacles. We suggest using the custom Aqua Boom receptacles for optimal performance. Customization is available at an additional cost. 


Q: I’m tall. Will the Aqua Boom be big enough for me?

A: The Aqua Boom was designed to accommodate a 6’2″, 230 pound athlete but is safety tested to hold 1000 lbs.  Anyone smaller than that size can easily use the equipment. Taller or heavier individuals can still safely use it, but may sacrifice comfort. Customized Aqua Booms are available as well, which require onsite measurements. 


Q: I’m not a swimmer. Will I like the workout?

A: Yes! Plenty of non-swimmers utilize the Iso-Aquatics workout to stay in shape or to augment other training. One of our biggest return “customers” is a professional Rugby Team in Columbus, OH!


Q: If I’m swimming laps, will I be able to do my flip turn where an Aqua Boom is installed?

AYes. There are no components that dip below the water level, so it is feasible to leave an Aqua Boom in permanently without interrupting your regular lap swimming routine. 


Q: I’m interested in doing an Aqua Boom water fitness class at my gym. How can I certify a trainer?

A: Contact us to become a certified Aqua Boom aquatic fitness trainer.


Q: I’d like a guide for my home Aqua Boom workouts. Are there any available?

A: Yes, there are a variety of workouts available on our website, www.theaquaboom.com/workouts. Check out our Workout of the Week to target specific areas. A waterproof pool-side flip chart will soon be available for purchase. 


Q: Can I do certain aspects of triathlon training with an Aqua Boom?

A: Yes. The Iso-Aquatics workouts, which utilize the Aqua Boom, noticeably improve strength and endurance for any type of athlete. An endurance athlete may specifically benefit from the cross-training opportunities that the Aqua Boom facilitates. 


Q: What are the benefits of an aquatic fitness program that differ from land-based programs?

A: Low-no impact and decompression of the spine and joints are by far the most advantageous.


Q: How can I maintain my fitness level if I am rehabilitating an injury or recovering from surgery?

A: Aquatic therapy is the perfect solution for staying in shape after surgery or injury for numerous reasons. Hydrostatic pressure, the scientific term for pressure exerted by a liquid, is especially helpful in reduction of swelling and improved lymphatic circulation. Coupled with equal pressure exerted on joints, athletes are more able to complete full workouts during recuperation with the constraints placed upon their bodies. 


Q: I’d like to purchase some Aqua Booms for my gym. How many do I need?

A: We suggest planning for four people per Aqua Boom per class and six feet of space between receptacles.  It is difficult to achieve continuous movement during aquatic fitness classes with more people or less space. 


Q: I’m interested in the Aqua Boom for rehabilitation. It makes sense that it would be perfect for this reason, but is there any research to support it?

A: While there is no current rehab research published in peer-reviewed literature regarding the Aqua Boom, a study is underway with the Physical Therapy Department at Tennessee State University. There is extensive research suggesting that aquatic therapy is beneficial for rehabilitation. There are also several studies due at a later date regarding the Aqua Boom. 


Q: Is physical therapy commonly performed in a swimming pool?

A: Yes, there are many facilities that cater to physical therapy and hydro therapy clients.


Q: What is the ideal temperature to keep the water in a swimming pool for water aerobic workouts?

A: It varies by participant age, fitness level, and the workout intensity level. While 78-84 degrees is an acceptable range, the average temperature range for a multipurpose pool is 84-86 degrees. 


Q: Are swim teams or other athletic teams utilizing the Aqua Boom in their training?

A: Absolutely! Coaches love the Aqua Boom for the training that enhances athletes’ strength and flexibility, as well as the convenience it provides. Coaches maximize their athletes’ time in the pool by using the Aqua Boom for strength training in addition to land-based training. 


Q: What other tools do I need to complete my Aqua Boom workout?

A: While you can certainly complete a strength and cardiovascular training workout with the Aqua Boom itself, there are a variety of accessories that will allow you to challenge yourself even further. We offer water medicine balls, resistance cords, jogging belts, and other aquatic fitness equipment. See our website for more information!