Notanotherfoodpost Wasabi Salmon with Ginger Veggies

March 2, 2015


Looking for a light meal option for tonight? Packed with flavor, and only 410 calories per serving!

Pre and Post Workout Smoothies

January 18, 2015


The need to exercise comes along with the need to consume fall themed smoothies (at least in my opinion)! It is a well known fact that it is not a good idea to work out on an empty stomach. There are also several nutrients lost during a workout that should be replenished afterward. When you are planning a workout (depending on how recently you have consumed a meal) you should consider a pre- and/or post-workout snack. I’m not saying a smoothie is the only way to go…but it is definitely an easy and delicious option!

I was recently tasked with creating a few tasty and nutritious pre- and post-workout smoothie recipes. While refreshing my knowledge about the appropriate nutritional content for such a thing, I noted a few very important nutrients to keep in mind when choosing a pre- and/or post-workout snack of any kind. 1) The snack should be low in fat and include carbohydrates and some protein (specific amounts depend on the person). Carbohydrates fuel your muscles and protein helps to build muscle and repair damage caused during use. 2) You should try and replace electrolytes (sodium and potassium) after your workout. After gathering this information I came up with two tasty recipes!