Featured Athlete -- Madi Phillips

September 26, 2015

Featured Athletes,

We’d like to take a little time to introduce an athlete who has been a big part of the early development of the Aqua Boom: Madi Phillips.

Madi is a former figure competitor, an ACSM certified personal trainer, and a Crossfit Level I coach with a passion to help others achieve their goals. According to Madi, “AQUA BOOM never fails at giving me a tough workout. I love how it can be used by every athlete to reach their health and fitness goals.”

Thank you to Madi for all her hard work on Team Aqua Boom. Meet her in the pool during a future workout!


Find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/madi.phillips

March 14, 2015

Featured Athletes,

During a February trip to the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, founder Tony Shutts encountered Jim Barber — a man with a goal. Jim vows to conquer the Oceans Seven swim by the age of 64, making him the oldest athlete to do so. 


AQUA BOOM Featured Athlete -- Hunter Bishop, Professional Hockey Player

February 17, 2014

Featured Athletes,

Among the first group of trial athletes to validate the AQUA BOOM® concept were Hunter Bishop, Brendon Nash, David Arduin, and Bill Bishop. Hunter and Brendon are college turned professional hockey players. David is a college hockey player turned college hockey coach. After an evening of celebrating the marriage of Hunter and our friend Tara Kelly (pictured below), I took the group to the local Pike County Ohio YMCA to experience the AQUA BOOM® workout.