AQUA BOOM Featured Athlete -- Hunter Bishop, Professional Hockey Player

Among the first group of trial athletes to validate the AQUA BOOM® concept were Hunter Bishop, Brendon Nash, David Arduin, and Bill Bishop. Hunter and Brendon are college turned professional hockey players. David is a college hockey player turned college hockey coach. After an evening of celebrating the marriage of Hunter and our friend Tara Kelly (pictured below), I took the group to the local Pike County Ohio YMCA to experience the AQUA BOOM® workout.


After going through the AQUA BOOM® workout they were all pleasantly surprised. “We were just blown away” stated Hunter Bishop. “We could all see the endless possibilities for the AQUA BOOM®!" Hunter has continued to help Tony develop exercises for the AQUA BOOM®.

He is currently playing professional hockey in the Austrian league in Europe. His team is based out of Slovenia and they are The Ljubljana Olympija. Pronounce that!! You can follow him on twitter @hbishop61.



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